When do I need to refresh my Cold Call Leads and how does that process work?

This is dependent upon the size of your list. A cold call agent can effectively work 5,000 leads in a given month before the list begins to degrade. We suggest starting with a list of 15,000 leads to cover at least three months and look to replace/refresh after four months or so. Results are stronger the first couple times dialing through the list, and begin to drop off after that. We target 3,000 dials per week, so it will take approximately 10 weeks to dial through a list of 15,000 records two times.

You are free at any time to send an email to with a new list to replace and/or append to your current lists.

During your 90 day account review, we'll review the cold call performance and list penetration numbers specific to your lists, and work with you to determine the best next steps.


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