Why can't my Cold Call Agent do follow up calls and/or why can't my Sales Ninja Phone team make Cold Calls?

The Cold Call Team and Sales Ninja Phone Team are two distinct teams. While each use the Five9 Auto Dialer, the process to setup, support and execute the dialing is also distinct to each team. Plus, Cold Calling is subject to more strict federal regulations and guidelines than follow up phone calls.

Due to the nature of our service and pricing structure, we have not seen the need and our members have wanted the lowest cost, lowest overhead and best service for their invested dollar. We have membership options that provide for both services. If you'd like to add Cold Calling to your existing GOLD membership or add the Sales Ninja Phone Team to your exisitng Cold Call Serivce - see the following for the package that best fits your needs: NOTE: Click on the orange "+" above System Only to expand the Cold Call Options.


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