Is There Limit on the Monthly Marketing Budget?

Yes, each Membership package includes capacity for up to $10,000 in monthly Marketing budget.  Up to $7,000 monthly marketing budget using REIvault proprietary campaigns (or a total of $10,000 per month marketing budget, including your own lists.) 

Members with Marketing Budgets over $10,000 require an additional Membership Package (see full scale below).   For example, if the member has a Gold Package and a $15,000 per month Marketing budget, the member will be charged $1,997 monthly for a second Gold Package.  The additional monthly membership package charges will begin after the initial 90 day period.

Marketing Budget          Number of Memberships
$0 - $10,000                Package #1
$10,000-$25,000          Package #2
$25,000- $50,000         Package #3
$50,000 +                    Package #4


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