Can the phone team COLD CALL from my list or a list you purchase for me?

You can email and request to be placed on the Waiting List for the NEW Cold Calling Outbound Service. Given the nature of this service, we are currently 4-6 weeks waiting list. The service is $3,000 a month for a dedicated Sales Ninja with a 3 month minimum commitment. Additionally, we can utilize our proprietary REIvault Invisible and Shipwrecked Lists and provide our "Data Stacking" algorithm pulling upto 9 phone numbers. Each successful record is $.50. We pull 5,000 numbers per month for 3 months and then repeat. If you have your own list of names and phone numbers, you can provide to us for a $1000 setup fee (one time per list provided). Given the nature of our service, please allow upto 7 days for the successful cleanup, mapping and loading of your custom list .


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