Can I control what happens if I hit my maximum # of Seller Leads to PUSH in a calendar month?

Yes, you have three options. Go to the " Sales Ninja Phone Team (ADMIN)" application in your workspace and under the "In the Event of More Leads than Package" you can select one of the following options.

1. STOP and do nothing and notify me. No additional Seller Leads will be Pushed until the next calendar month.

Once Lead Capacity is met for the month, no more leads will be Pushed to the Sales Ninjas (either systematically or manually). For example, if your base package level is 150 leads and you reach the 150 capacity on day 20, no more leads will be Pushed to the Sales Ninjas. At the beginning of the next month the 150 lead capacity is reset and the member is able to begin Pushing seller leads.

2. CONTINUE to Push leads and charge me in blocks of 50 according to the Pricing Schedule (we'll notify you when you reach your limit under your plan)

Under this option a Member can continue to Push Leads (both systematically or manually) once Cap is reached. At the end of the Month, the amount of additional leads will be tallied, and the Members Credit Card will be charged in accordance with the Pricing shedule at: (Note: that additional leads are allocated and Priced in Blocks of 50: the 50 lead level for 1-50 additional leads, the 100 lead level for 51-100 additional leads, the 150 lead level for 101-150 additional leads, and so on) At the beginning of the next Month, the capacity will reset back to the 150 base package level.

For example, if the Member hits the 150 lead cap on day 20, and subsquenly pushes another 120 leads by the end of the month, the member's CC will be charged at the 150 additional leads level, since 120 falls between 101-150 additional leads.

3. ADD to PENDING any additional leads which will not be worked until the next calendar month (they will be automatically added at the beginning of the next month)

Once Lead Capacity is met for the month, any leads that Pushed will go into a PENDING Status. On the 1st of next calendar month, all Pending Leads will be set to ACTVIE and Pushed to Five9. These leads will count against your Lead Capacity for the the new month. For example, if your base package level is 150 leads and you have have 50 leads in PENDING , these 50 Leads will be Pushed to Sales Ninjas at the begining of the month and decrement from your 150 lead capacity - leaving you with a balance of 100 more leads for the month.


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