Can I PUSH more than 150 Leads over per month?

Yes, you have a couple options on how the additional leads are PUSHed once you have hit the 150 leads cap in your Package.

Automatically Add 50 more Leads once Cap is Reached:
If you would like to continue to push leads to the Sales Ninjas, you can go to the " Sales Ninja Phone Team (ADMIN)" application in your workspace and select the following option under the "In the Event of More Leads than Package"

--CONTINUE to Push leads and charge me in blocks of 50 according to the Pricing Schedule (we'll notify you when you reach your limit under your plan)

Under this option a Member can continue to Push Leads (both systematically or manually) once Cap is reached. At the end of the Month, the amount of additional leads will be tallied, and the Members Credit Card will be charged in accordance with the Pricing shedule at: (Note: that additional leads are allocated and Priced in Blocks of 50: the 50 lead level for 1-50 additional leads, the 100 lead level for 51-100 additional leads, the 150 lead level for 101-150 additional leads, and so on) At the beginning of the next Month, the capacity will reset back to the 150 base package level.

For example, if the Member hits the 150 lead cap on day 20, and subsquenly pushes another 120 leads by the end of the month, the member's CC will be charged at the 150 additional leads level, since 120 falls between 101-150 additional leads.

Increase the number of leads in your Package:
To increase the number of leads in your monthly Package above the 150 Base level, go to and select how many additional leads you would like to add to your Base 150 Lead Package. You can take advantage of at least a 20% discount with a 3 month commitment (billed monthly). The Additional Leads priciing is in addtion to the $597 Base Package, so if chosing to add a 100 additional leads means you would be charged an an $392 per month.


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