How does the Sales Ninja Phone Team work?

See for details.
Leads are Pushed to or Removed from the Sales Ninja team automatically based on Lead Status and Sales Ninja Pro Automated Drip Campaigns. Members have ability to Push and Remove leads Manually as well. All Pushed leads go into a Five9 Auto Dialer (like Mojo Dialer on steroids) and are aggregated with other Members Leads into campaigns (such as Hang Ups, Call For More Information, Ready To Make Offer , Follow Up, Not Interested, and Offer Made). Numerours Sales Ninjas are assigned to each campaign making outbound calls and working Shifts to cover all the US time zones Monday-Saturday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Sales Ninjas will make as many call attempts as necessary until they gets the seller on the phone. For each answered call, the Sales Ninja follows the REIvault Sales Ninja Pro Web Form and scripts to ask the seller all of the necessary questions to qualify the lead - with the captured information flowing directly into your Podio Seller Leads app. Each answered call is also dispsoitioned in Five9 as well with an additional brief message transmitted to the Seller Lead to indicate what happened with the call. You will receive weekly and monthly performance reports of Sales Ninja performance related to your leads.


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