What is the cost of the REIvault proprietary mailing lists, Invisible List and Shipwrecked List, and why are they more expensive than say ListSource?

Here is a link to our Mail Pricing, including using the REIvault Proprietary Lists or using your own list:

Unfortunately, we are not able to get free targeted mail lists and not all lists are equal. We have found that 50% of the success of direct response marketing is in the quality of the list. We believe our proprietary lists are far superior to most others out there. We put a substantial amount of time and effort to get this right. We first purchase a much larger list than what we mail, we then match and append the list to get what we need (additional cost from the data providers), and then we use our analytics engine to select what we consider the best targeted properties for direct mail. We're typically only using about 22% of what we purchase as we think the rest of the names/addresses are mostly junk.

The closest data provider with a list we consider closest to us is Chris Richter. Chris has a similar approach and is known, like REIvault, for an amazing list. He charges $20,000 or $25,000 per year for approximately 25,000 names/addresses. Unfortunately, quality data is costly.

Additionally, we cleanup the list doing what we call the "Nasty 19" which are the 19 cleanup items that take time and many investors miss. Cleaning up the list, removing duplicates, putting the names in proper format will substantially enhance the response rates and profits. This is one of the reasons we're known for results.

Our members are certainly welcome and encouraged to buy their own lists and provide them to us. We love to split test our lists vs. our members and we're encouraged on the value of our lists and the effort it takes to get this right.

One of our members a few years ago said our list was what they called the "Invisible" List because the names/addresses were invisible to their competition. We find that part of the success of the list is pulling names/addresses most other investors aren't finding because of the oversaturated cheap and easy to access list from ListSource, MelissaData, etc.

If you can find a better less expensive mailing list, simply email the list to and what you want to name the campaign along with the specific campaign/series of mail pieces you'd like mailed, and REIvault will take care of all the rest like clockwork.  You'll always receive a Sales & Marketing Plan for your review and approval before we launch the campaign.


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