Can I do a one time or one off mailing through REIvault?

Yes.  In the event you have your own list or want to send your own postcard, Smartview Letter, or even something custom, we have several great options:

1)  One of our Mailhouse Partners has a service tailored for this.  It's super easy.  Simply CLICK HERE and register and follow the process.  You'll find 100s of great marketing pieces and a simple process.  Click Here to begin and learn more

2)  If this custom mail piece will be high volume and you want REIvault to manage the entire process, including our guaranteed lowest mail price, simply send your list and/or marketing piece(s) to   Our team will work with our mailhouse and provide you a custom quote.  Given the high volume of our mailings, additional fees may apply for the setup.  You can learn more by clicking here and looking at the Other Custom Services section at the bottom of the page.


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