Do you provide digital proofs before you send out mail?

No.  We only provide a digital proof for Custom Mail Pieces that you request setup for you.  We do not provide digital proofs for any of our standard mail pieces or campaigns.  

Why?  We've mailed over 34,000,000 pieces of mail and our current error rate is less than 1%.  There are a substantial number of moving pieces to get the mail to print and mail.  Unlike a mailhouse, where you typically setup a new piece (postcard or letter) and usually have to wait days or weeks to get a digital proof back from the mailhouse for approval usually with a lot of back and forth (making sure everything looks correct), REIvault uses a high volume "data driven" process and works with multiple mailhouses who capture electronic files from REIvault and then utilize their printers based on pre-built and tested mail piece templates.  A mailhouse typically pulls a digital proof directly off their printer to send to you which creates a substantial time delay.  Given the high volume of mailers and the substantial discounts we're able to receive by removing all the inefficiencies and manual work in the traditional process, we were able to eliminate the "digital proof" process over 10 years ago.  In fact, given our process, a digital proof would be not only impossible (holding up hundreds of other member's campaigns), but also an incorrect test given our processes.  We setup the initial mail piece template with the mailhouse and go through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process.  Additionally, our mailhouse partners have strict guidelines and service level agreements with REIvault to ensure the highest quality mailings.

Instead, you'll want to review the Sample Mail pieces located on "The Vault"  (click here).  Additionally, we always "seed" you (your name and mailing information) into the Campaign which means you'll always receive a printed version mailed directly to you for each piece in the Campaign.  This was all based on feedback from our members over the years.  They requested the fastest, least expensive and most efficient methods of getting their direct mail done for them.

Additionally, we also create a specific Sales & Marketing Plan with all the details you have provided us which you'll always review and approve before we send out mail.  

In the event, there is some error (usually a name or return mail address or possibly a specific state specific realtor disclosure printed as one or more of the variables on the mail piece(s)), please contact with a digital copy of the piece and specifics of the error.  We will work to correct any future errors quickly.  Please allow for upto 24 to 48 hours (2 business days) for us to correct and respond, however we try to address within 1 hour.  Due to the nature of our service and our lowest price guarantee on mailings, we do not offer refunds.  Think of us as your extended team.  We try to provide the highest quality and timely service, however there are moving parts and potential for errors in any process related to direct mail.  Our goal is to keep the errors to an absolute minimum and to provide quality, timely and complete response to our member's needs and requests!  We are committed to your success.


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