Can I change the Timing/Sequence of Basic SlyBroadcast Messages?

Yes, you do have the ability to change and modify the timing/sequence of the Six outgoing Basic SlyBroadcast vocie messages.

The easiest way to is to email which of the Six TSlyBroadcast sequences you want updated.

You can also make the changes yourself by following these simple steps: 1) Access the "Configuration" Application in your Podio Workspace 2) in the "Sly Broadcast - Voicemail Blast - Follow Up" record, under the "Sly Broadcast" section: you can update the "Send VM One (1-6) x Days" fields with the desired timing in days you would like the message to go out. The default is set to 15, 30, 40, 50, 95 & 185 days after the Seller Record is placed in Follow Up Status.

See Video for details"

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to change the PIN # VM1-6 fields. These are the PINs for the Basic SlyBroadcast messages. If the PINs do not match exactly, the messages will not get sent out.


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