What is the "Sales Ninja PRO" field in REIvault Podio Seller Leads application?

The field in REIvault Podio Seller Leads "Sales Ninja PRO" is a webform URL which when selected will automatically open a webpage with the Sales Ninja PRO script ready to use when talking to a seller.  This script was built specifically for Lead Processors (ISAs - Inside Sales Agents) on what exactly to say to sellers, what questions to ask in what order).  

This is a great tool for you to use with your own phone team OR you might consider using REIvault Sales Ninja Phone Team to do this for you.  We have packages as low as $150 per week for our Sales Ninjas to work your leads: screen, qualify, schedule appointments and follow up.  

If you have the REIvault Sales Ninja PRO Add-On which includes REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign System, then everything is setup right within REIvault Podio.  You can learn more at  This Add-On is required if you desire using the REIvault Sales Ninja Phone Team.  


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