What is a Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign?

The Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign system is included with REIvault Sales Ninja PRO ( Not all sellers are ready to close immediately. Some are ready now, some in a month and some in several months, a year or even two years. Your goal is to be there at the right time at the right place and not lose these deals to your competition.

The Follow Up Campaigns were designed to automatically follow up with every Seller Lead, as part of our "No Seller Left Behind Stragtegy." The Follow Up Campaigns are a pre-defined series/sequence of follow up Text Messages, Slybroadcast Voice Messages, Emails, Follow Up Tasks for a Lead Process to Call, Follow Up Letter Campaigns, etc. Not all sellers are motivated and ready to sell today. As a national statistic, 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact with a seller, yet less than 10% of any real estate investors or agents follow up more than twice. REIvault's Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign System was built to maximize your results and automate the process with professional well written follow up text messages and Slybroadcast voice recordings. Based on suggestions and feedback from our members, REIvault hired a 3rd party to build out this system for us as a special add on.

There are currently 5 Standard Campaigns (see the full list and details by visiting, including: Standard Hangup Campaign, Standard Follow Up, Standard Offer Made/No Close, Standard Not Interested, Standard Remove from List. Each Follow Up Campaign is automatically triggered and launched upon the change of a Seller Lead Status. For instance, when a Seller Lead Status is changed to "Hang up" the "Standard Hangup Campaign" is automatically triggered and launched to send out a sequence of 31 events scheduled over 3 1/2 years and made up of different follow up actions like an automated Text Message or Slybroadcast Voicemail Message (pre-defined, written and/or recorded), a Task to Follow Up, or possibly an Email or Follow Up Letters, Offer Packages and/or Postcards.


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