What's the difference between Sales Ninja PRO including with REvault vs. REIvault Sales Ninja PRO Motivated Seller Script & Webform and Text and Slybroadcast 'Drip' Follow Up System

As a REIvault Platinum, Gold or Silver member, you automatically receive REIvault Sales Ninja PRO (which includes the integrated Motivated Seller Script and Webform and Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign System).  If you are a Bronze, VIP or PRO member, the version included with your REIvault Membership is not integrated with REIvault Podio.  The free version was intended to provide you or your team a head start on the perfect script when talking with Sellers.  The webform was built to ask the right questions at the right time in the right order.  

REIvault hired a 3rd party to build this for us. As part of our licensing agreement and fee arrangement with this 3rd party, REIvault Sales Ninja PRO is an optional Add-On to the service in the event you don't already have it.  REIvault VIP and PRO members can pay a 1 time setup fee of $497.   REIvault Bronze members can have this added on for $497 one time setup and $197 a month or upgrade to REIvault Silver, Gold or Platinum, which includes this add on at no cost.

Additionally REIvault Sales Ninja PRO Add-On includes REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up System which automatically triggers and launches long term follow up campaigns include text messages, Slybroadcast voicemail messages and Tasks to Call Sellers on a predefined sequence based on the Status/Stage of the Seller Lead.  This is all required if you're using the Sales Ninja Phone Team to work all your leads.  You can learn more on The Vault by Clicking Here 

There is no additional software required and no additional charges for the text messages or Slybroadcast voicemail messages sent as long as your an active member of this service. To learn more and signup visit:


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