How do I know the Sales Ninja precise words and questions work and both qualify and convert Sellers into Deals?

We recommend you try it and see for yourself. Sales is both an "art" and a "science" and their is no silver bullet. We're not trying to make any false claims, however the Sales Ninja script has come from an enormous amount of time, trial and error, real world experience, trying both on-shore and off-share phone VAs with success and failure, and a lot of very experience masterminds and other "real" investors feedback and experience all placed into a single tool. Some investors are always looking for the perfect mailing list, or perfect postcard, or perfect script that does everything for them automatically. A lot of gurus have in the past sold "snake oil" and "smoke and mirrors." We've seen this and probably spent money on some of the same stuff.

Sales Ninja was built by "real" investors who have made substantial profits through the school of hard knox. Being skeptical is important. In fact, we recommend it. So, we encourage you to test it out on your own and see your own results. It works for a lot of us and has simplified the process and has taken a lot of the guess work out of the process.


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