Do you have any 'benchmarks' or recommended numbers on how many sellers I need to screen using Sales Ninja PRO to close a profitable deal?

As many times as it takes until you buy the property or the potential lead is dead (no property to purchase). FACT: 80% of all deals come from the 5th thru 12th seller contact. However, less than 10% of all investors every try to contact the seller more than twice! This is a huge money maker, especially if you have a trained Sales Ninja phone team.

There is typically a cadence on how many times to call a seller.  REIvault Sales Ninja PRO now includes the REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign System which automatically triggers specific follow up campaigns based on the type of Seller Lead Status (e.g. Hangups automatically trigger the "Standard Hangup Campaign" which is a sequence of 31 actions over several years including Text Messages, Slybroadcast Voicemail Messages, and Tasks to Call the Seller.  AND, if you're using REIvault Sales Ninja Phone Team, these Seller Leads are automatically pushed the the phone team to contact them automatically.  Make sure to check out REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up Campaign System to learn more on The Vault.  Here's a link to those campaigns: 


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