What are the main differences between the REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow Up System and other Text and Slybroadcast solutions and software

  1. It's all setup and Done-For-You. Other systems require you to write your own text messages and record your own Slybroadcast voice messages when most investors are not experts at sales copy, figure out the timing and then the order and timing of each sequence, along with a lot more work, training and learning. REIvault teamed up with existing members and expert copywriters to build the perfect campaigns that you'll know work and convert seller leads into cash profits with zero effort, training or learning on your part.
  2. All setup and Done-For-You
  3. No additional software required for you to signup, pay for or learn.
  4. All fully automated. Campaigns are automatically triggered and launched typically for 2-3 years. Texts are sent at the right time. Slybroadcast messages are sent at the right time. Tasks are created for you or your Lead Processor (ISA) to call and follow up at the right time. And, if you're using the REIvault Sales Ninja Phone Team, rest assured the leads are also automatically called and followed up on, screened and qualified.
  5. No extra fees for the text messages and Slybroadcasts sent. Most vendors charge as much as $.05 a text message and Slybroadcast can amount to $40 to $80 a month. All included if you are a REIvault Sales Ninja PRO active member
    Unique Follow Up Campaigns based on the type of Seller Lead. Unlike other solutions that might send one generic Text and Slybroadcast message, REIvault Sales Ninja 'Drip' Follow
  6. Up Campaigns are unique to the specific Seller Lead Status. Imagine working an active seller lead that you're almost into contract with and they get a generic message. That's the fastest way to kill a $10,000 or $50,000 deal and not even know why!
  7. With our Custom Campaigns (as an option), REIvault can provide even more capabilities for the more advanced real estate entreprenuer. We provide the flexibility to customize almost anything you might need. Additional fees may apply.


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