What is a REIvault Direct Mail Campaign?

A REIvault Direct Mail Campaign starts with a dedicated 800/888 or local phone number setup and assigned by REIvault and then is the combination of the specific mailing list combined with the specific pieces of mail ("Mail Series") to that list and the frequency between mailings (e.g. every 30, 60 or 90 days). Each Campaign is assigned its own unique 800/888 or local phone number along with the routing of those calls (pre-recorded message or live operator or to you or your staff) along with the workflow automation to track the leads and the metrics of the campaign (response rate, viable lead rate, hangup up rate, cost per call, cost per lead, cost per contract, ROI, etc.). For instance, the "Invisible Shock & Awe" Campaign uses our proprietary "Invisible" High Equity Sellers List and we mail 5 different postcards (yellow and white) at a frequency of 60 days (sometimes 90 days) between each mailing to a specific property address with the leads and metrics automatically routed into your REIvault Podio CRM for maximum conversion and followup.

In addition, we breakup the mailings into evenly distributed weekly mailings for more consistent lead/deal flow. This is tested to reduce any potential errors. There are a lot of moving parts to get this right and our "shared" team of experts are good at managing this for our members. At the end of the series of mailings, our team will pull a new fresh mailing list as part of our standard operating procedures.

We have many standard REIvault Campaigns and we're constantly changing and adding more. If you have a custom mailing list of your own, you can simply provide the list and details and our team can setup a Custom Campaign all Done-For-You. In addition, if you have other types of "non-direct mail" marketing (e.g. bandit signs, websites, Craigslist/FSBO site ads, etc. you can simply order another "non-REIvault" campaign and our team can set everything up for you to have those leads automatically received into your REIvault Podio CRM and have the VAs process the leads. This is as easy as 1-2-3 and another value of REIvault membership (FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER). This way you can track all your marketing efforts and ROI in one convenient system!


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