What are your recommendations to ensure best results?

Most of the leads will be sellers that are not ready to do something right now and so you'll need to follow up with them. Eighty percent of all these leads should receive a formal written offer and our series of follow up letters. It has been our experience, that the difference between getting 1 deal a month and 5+ is based on your ability to qualify, sell, and follow up with sellers. These are "off market" deals. The sellers need to get an offer and you need to follow up via Mail, Text Message and Phone. We've made it as easy as possible with the system and resources to do this. However, you'll need to be good on the phone and follow our training. Everything we do is based on feedback and contribution from our members.

You can use our "1 Click Offer Package" that will allow you to send your seller leads a "soft pass" offer and then place them on an aggressive yellow letter follow up campaign (we take care of all the grunt work for you on this). Some deals are "lay down" deals that are done in a single seller phone call. Most of the deals will come after a few months and some follow up. You'll have to embrace the "No Seller Left Behind" Follow Up system for best results.


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