Do I need to call the hangups? If yes, do you have a sample script that I can use?

We recommend you call 100% of all hangups and frankly all leads. You will receive the absolute best results and profits calling the hangups within 15 minutes. However, you can call the hangups 15 months later and still get results. Money is made talking with sellers relentlessly and those making big money vs. not making big money come down to follow up, which is why we created the "No Seller Left Behind" mailing. Additionally, those who call to request to be "Removed From List" should also be called. You can possibly get referrals or a deal now or in the future when circumstances change. The direct mail sent is simply to get the seller to call you. Good phone skills, rapport building and follow up is how you make money in this business.

Here is a simple script to help you when calling hangups:

"Hi, this is YOUR NAME ...I missed a call from you a while back... possibly about a property you might want to sell or maybe a note you received in the mail?.... I am looking to buy a few properties. Are you or someone you know considering a potential sale of your property?"

Remember, these people may not know you and probably get a lot of junk calls. Work on building some rapport. People buy and sell to people they like, trust and respect. [AT THIS POINT THEY SHOULD REMEMBER THE MAIL]

"Do you have a property that you're interested in selling? Great, I'd love to hear more about it and see if it may be what we're looking for."

PROCEED WITH LEAD INTAKE AS NORMAL asking more questions about the property and situation. If you have an address of their property, make sure to get them on a Follow Up Nurture Letter Campaign and continue to call and stay in contact with the seller "No Lead Left Behind." Circumstances change. A seller not interested in selling today may very likely change their mind in a day, week, month, or year. When they're ready to sell, let it be you who buys their property and not your competition!


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