How are leads removed from the mailing list?

REIvault has made it super easy to remove Seller Leads from receiving future mailings to avoid confusion and save you money on wasted mail. It's as simple as clicking on a button in your REIvault Podio Seller Leads application. Simply select "Remove from STL Mailings" in the Direct Mail field for each lead you want to have removed from future mailings.

Here is the link to where you can find the training video. Please watch video 13:

NOTE: We cannot remove people from the mailings unless we can find each property that was mailed to. We must have the specific property address or the seller name. For instance, on a Hangup where the seller did not leave a message, we'll be unable to locate the property address to be removed.

When you select the "Remove from STL Mailings" a task is created and assigned to the "VA-STL Mailing Manager" who will locate the specific property address/seller lead and remove them from future mailings. This step is important and requires our "shared" VAs since sometimes it takes extra work to locate the property record. The VAs work to remove the identified property records within 24-48 hours (2 business) days or sooner.

Also, just a quick note, a mail piece is queued up for about 7-10 days before it's actually sent out. If you "Remove from STL Mailings" and it is already queued up, please note that the seller may receive another mailing, but will be removed from future mailings.


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