How do I manage the returned mails? Can I Change a Mailing Address?

Changing Mailing Addresses or removing Returned Mail is a few keystrokes using the REIvault system. You'll no longer waste time and money with bad addresses or returned postcards.

If you want to change a specific Mailing Address for a Podio Seller Lead, you'll simply need to create a Task with subject "Change Mailing Address" and enter the new mailing address. Assign the task to "VA - STL Mailing Manager" who will find the property record and update the Mailing Address (or seller name) for all future mailings. The "shared" VAs will find the property and update the record and complete/checkoff the task within 24-48 hours (2 business days).

Alternatively, if you want to update multiple mailing addresses at the same time due to you receiving returned postcards with an updated mailing address, you'll want to use the REIvault "Returned Mail" Podio application.

Getting returned mail from the USPS is part of direct mail marketing. REIvault has partnered with some of the top data providers in the country to target some of the best lists. You may have also provided us your own mailing lists to cleanup and mail for you. We have mailed over 34 million pieces for thousands of real estate investors and agents. Unfortunately, some of the county recorders, tax assessors, and data providers get incorrect data. Additionally, some owners change mailing addresses, their properties have become vacant, undeliverable or identified as deceased. Our mailing process accesses 5 USPS databases, including NCOA (National Change of Address) to correct any address information before each mailing. You can still, however, expect returned mail. It is common to receive 4% returns. Some lists, including the Vacant Property list may have a much higher returned mail rate.

As part of our system and process, we put a unique 7 digit serial number on all mail pieces and "returned service requested" to get back the undeliverable/returned mail pieces. The ones marked by the USPS as "Undeliverable", "Vacant" or "Deceased" can be skip traced to track down the seller with great potential profits and success. We have provided a Returned Mail Podio app to allow you to remove these sellers from future mailings or allow you to change the mailing address easily.

Watch this brief training video: Returned Mail - Training Campaign


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