What exactly are your "Invisible" and "Shipwrecked" Sellers Mailing List? What makes them special, proprietary and different?

Our goal is to find the type of product (e.g. properties) you want to buy, depending on your business model that may mean properties with or without equity. We have a proprietary method of finding these properties after years of experience and over 34 million pieces of mail sent for real estate investors. Our two secret lists are the "Invisible List" and the "Shipwrecked Distressed List." We first have to purchase every name and property address in your requested zip codes and then run it through our algorithm software and enhancing/appending service which is unique.

Our "Invisible List" is mostly absentee owners and burned out landlords, inherited properties, free and clear, and "not marketed to" by other investors because they're missing these. We all love the Invisible List, especially using our "Shock & Awe" campaign of 5 blind copy postcards mailed at a 60 or 90 day frequency. We break up the mailing so that we mail weekly on your behalf for an even flow of leads for you to work and close profitable deals.

Our "Shipwrecked Distressed List" is a smaller list and made up of a combination of many key economic indicators of divorce, code violations, tax liens, tax lates, judgments, bankruptcy, FSBO, FLBO, NOD, NOTs, etc and more importantly cross referenced to pull CLTV (maximum combined loan to value) of 65%. These lists alone are nearly impossible to find on your own and we couldn't do this if we weren't buying in volume as a group. We pull these unique lists for each member's needs.

We can also mail the lists that you provide to us from other sources you may have. In addition, we have an option available where we can pull many other custom and specialty lists on your behalf.



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