Can I get access to your Secret Mailing Lists including the names and addresses?

Our Mailing and Analytics team are experts at pulling our secret mailing lists and you'll know the breakdown by zip code of what they are mailing for you. You'll always receive an email and have access to what Campaigns were mailed, the number of pieces mailed, and the charges to your credit card.

Given the incredible discounting we've negotiated with the data providers and the agreements we have with them, however, the mailing list of names and addresses are not available for download. For most of our data providers, we are required to pay a "per use" fee. We have strict contractual audited agreements with our data providers. In the event you want a custom list and we build it for you, then you can receive those names and addresses. Please note that this is an additional optional service from the REIvault Member Services Team. As always, you can provide your own mailing list.

In the event you are looking for a customized "motivated" seller list of names, addresses, possibly email addresses and possibly phone numbers, you can contact the REIvault Member Services team who can help you with this and provide you a quote for the list.  We do not go through the typical channels like Listsource for our data as we've found them overly saturated and unmotivated.  This is a key value add working with REIvault.


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