What if I have my own list of names and addresses? How can I get them to you?

Many of our members provide us their own custom mailing lists in addition to the ones we can provide. For instance, you may have your own Inherited Property List, Probate List, Code Violations, etc. You simply want to have the REIvault Team manage the cleanup of this list and the ongoing mail. No problem. We do this all the time.

In addition, you may have your own custom mail piece(s) and want to have REIvault mail that peice to a REIvault List (e.g. Invisible List, Shipwrecked List, etc.) or possibly even your own.  Again, no problem.  

First, you'll need to "Add-On" a Custom Campaign so that we can get everything setup.  You can do this on "The Vault" by clicking "Change Request" in the upper right corner and then "Add-On Service/Product" and follow the instructions.  We set this up to be FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER for all of us so that you can focus on the money making activities like talking to sellers and closing great deals. Once you have "Added On" the Custom Campaign, you can simply provide any updated mailing lists for that campaign by going to "The Vault" and selecting "Change Request" in the upper right corner and then "Request a Change" then "DIRECT MAIL Marketing Campaigns" then "Mail List" then "Add names/addresses to existing Campaign"  You'll import your mailing list and the REIvault Team will take care of everything else.

For your custom list, you'll need to simply provide the list to us in a spreadsheet format (Microsoft Excel or .csv format). Make sure you provide the property owner's name, property information (property address, city, state and zip code) and preferably the mailing address if different (mailing address, city, state, and zip code). Download the template to add the names/addresses you want mailed by clicking on this link:

You can also CLICK HERE to download the sample Import Template

Let us know what type of list, and where you got the list, so our team of experts can let you know what mail pieces (Campaign) we would recommend. Our team will clean up the list, making sure it's formatted for mailing, remove duplicates and run it through the 5 USPS databases, including NCOA (National Change of Address) to assure a probability of higher delivery.

Please process a Change Request if you want to start a Custom Campaign. Please follow the steps below.


Step 1   


Step 2   

Step 3   


 Step 4   Upload your custom list as a Change Request: 






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