What if I have my own list of names and addresses? How can I get them to you?

Many of our members provide us their own custom mailing lists in addition to the ones we can provide. For instance, you may have your own Inherited Property List, Probate List, Code Violations, etc. You simply want to have the REIvault Team manage the cleanup of this list and the ongoing mail. No problem. We do this all the time.   Our team will clean up the list, making sure it's formatted for mailing, remove duplicates and run it through the 5 USPS databases, including NCOA (National Change of Address) to assure a probability of higher delivery.

In addition, you may have your own custom mail piece(s) and want to have REIvault mail that piece to a REIvault List (e.g. Invisible List, Shipwrecked List, etc.) or possibly even your own.  Again, no problem.  

There are four processes to submit your own mailing list based on what you are looking to do:

1) Request an REIvault Standard Campaign with YOUR List;  

2) Request A Custom Campaign  (YOUR List and YOUR Mail Piece);  

3) Update Your Existing Custom Campaign;   

4) Send a Change Request via email to Support Team at 

Please see for details on each step above.

Important Reminders Regarding the Service..…

  • Please allow 3 business day turnaround on custom lists   (Scenario: If a member approves the Sales & Marketing Plan on late Friday then mail will launch on Tuesday )
  • We don't allow a custom list to be added to an existing REIvault campaign, due to our tracking of national and regional response rates.
  • There are a lot of moving parts and options for our custom mail campaigns. First time lists may take a more effort to setup, clean and scrub but once the plan is approved, we are set for subsequent mailings.
  • We do not offer any mailing refunds so this process is required to minimize any communication errors.
  • If you have questions or need further assistance you may contact us through: 
    • Our Live Chat capability in "The Vault" and get faster real time connection with our team. Available on normal business hours from 9am to 4pm Eastern Monday thru Friday.  To initiate a Live chat, look for a green chat icon at the bottom right corner of the screen while you are on the Vault; or,
    • Email our Support Team at



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