What campaigns should I use in my area?

Once you complete the FastTrack Questionnaire with your budget, zip codes, buying and selling strategy (wholesale, rehab, buy and hold, subject-to, etc.), our team will go to work identifying the best campaigns we would recommend for you as a new member. It's both an art and a science. During your final interview, an appointment will be scheduled for you to have a call with our Strategy Planner. Our Strategy Planner will share with you the best campaigns that we would recommend for you in your area. For most members, we recommend the "Invisible Shock & Awe" campaign and the "Shipwrecked Distressed Sellers" campaign. If you have your own mailing lists or specific postcards/letters that have worked for you, you can provide those to us for recommendations and setup. Each member is different and getting this set up correctly is our highest priority. We can discuss this during our New Member Welcome Call and on our initial Strategy Session.


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