Why is there a $500 administrative fee and why do you collect the first 3 months in advance?

This is based on feedback from our existing members. If you're not committed to the marketing and your business for at least the initial 3 months, we're not a fit for you. Marketing is a return on investment and you need runway to find and work the leads and turn them into profits. There is a lot of set up of all your systems and staff behind the scenes and we have to purchase and build the marketing list for you.

We have a large upfront cost in acquiring and building your marketing lists and because of the agreements we've negotiated, we're able to spread the cost out over a period of time. Additionally, you are only charged for your marketing as it goes out unlike other mail houses who charge the full amount upfront ,even though you might not mail all of it for months. We have been able to negotiate with our vendors for all of us to get the best possible prices as we're stronger as a group doing this FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER. Your next monthly membership fee doesn't start until month 4.



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