Why is there a monthly membership fee?

This is a "Shared Services" model. We are not a vendor. We all share our common expert team to set up and manage the systems, marketing, lead generation and staff. This team is fully trained, saving you tons of hours of hiring, training and managing. Plus, our VAs process all of the inbound leads. They transcribe voice mail messages, update the full property address, pull pictures using Google Street View, pull comparables, pull the Zillow Purchase and Rental Value, and provide Zillow URL. They also determine your "Viable" leads vs. "Not Interested" in selling or "Remove from future Mailings" all Done-For-You.

Originally, we collected a percentage of your profits, however, it was a lot of bookkeeping. Based on feedback from our existing members, we now simply charge the equivalent cost of one full time Virtual Assistant (VA) which works out to $8.76 or $1,497 per month for an army of experts. If you're not willing to have an expert do all this for you and you want to do all on your own, REIvault is probably not a good fit for you. For a complete list of What's Included, please visit:


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