Do I get exclusivity? How do you define Exclusivity?


According to the US Census Bureau, there are more than 3,400 counties, 41,000 zip codes and more one hundred thousand single family properties in the United States. Thirty-five percent of real estate properties are non-owner occupied (absentee owners), 12 million are Vacant and another 35% and even higher are Free and Clear with no mortgage and a lot of equity.

We, as real estate investors, have a large pool to find great deals. Even though the list is massive for just a few hundred of us working, we only allow a few members in each market to keep our special group exclusive. We provide a level of exclusivity specifically by marketing campaign, with none of us competing with each other, but sharing what's working and contributing strategies instead. 

Once you select a set of zip codes using specific campaigns, we do not allow others to use the same campaigns to the same property addresses at the same time. Once we have a few members in each market, the market is no longer available. This is on a first come first serve basis and we have a number of markets that are unavailable with a waiting list. When someone completes an application to join, has gone through our materials and scheduled an appointment, we will notify the potential member if their market is taken and, therefore, cancel the appointment. We've seen many people who have waited a few days or weeks and had their markets taken. We apologize in advance if this happens.

This strategy was based on feedback from our members. Additionally, this works out to about 20-30 zip codes or more and up to $7,000 per month in marketing budget using our lists. If you have your own marketing list you want mailed, no problem. You can go over the $7,000 to the $10,000 mark. This will satisfy about 80% of our members; but when you go over the $7,000, you'll need to sign up for an additional exclusive territory. This is based on the high volume of leads where we need to add more resources to your account.

Each Membership includes capacity for up to $10,000 in monthly Marketing budget.    Members with Marketing Budgets over $10,000 require an addition Membership Package (see full scale below).   For example, if the member has a Gold Package and a $15,000 per month Marketing budget, the member will be charged $1,997 for a second Gold Package.  The additional monthly membership package charges will begin after the initial 90 day period.
Marketing Budget          Number of Memberships
$0 - $10,000                Package #1
$10,000-$25,000          Package #2
$25,000- $50,000         Package #3
$50,000 +                    Package #4



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