"How can I pause or put my mail campaigns on hold"

Please visit our "Pause" Mailings vs. "Suspended Membership" for more details at:

You can "Pause your Campaigns" at any time as a "Change Request". All change requests are required in writing and we request up to 48 hours (2 business days) to complete the change. We will need to know if you want all mail campaigns to be paused or just the seller postcard campaigns. We will also need to know whether you want the campaigns paused indefinitely or only until a specific date. Note that your membership will remain the same and all other charges will continue, including market exclusivity.

However, if you "Suspend" your membership, all mail and marketing will be suspended but the phone system will continue to operate. Make sure to visit to get a complete list of what's included with the various membership levels. You can "Suspend" membership at anytime but you'll be required to stay as a suspended member for a minimum of 60 days. Additionally, while you are "suspended," your territory may be taken by another REIvault member. In the event you cancel service, all membership services will be canceled/terminated and any REIvault phone numbers will be permanently deleted.


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