What training materials will you provide?

We provide an online new member turn up, training and support site which is loaded with a combination of videos, audios, sample documents, and scripts. First, we provide training on our systems and "Best Practices." We have created short simple "How To" videos to make the process efficient for you and your team to use the REIvault Podio system. Whether it's how the VAs process your leads, how to properly work and follow up with your leads, how to create tasks, how to use the Deal Dashboard, etc., we've made it easy to learn and/or get your questions answered from our Member Services Turn up, Training and Support Center.

Additionally, we have loaded some of our best real estate training onto this site, including "How to Handle Seller Objections", phone scripts, documents when buying, selling, etc.

We also hold a weekly "REIvault Huddle Call." This is an opportunity to ask questions related to the system or real estate deals. These calls have all been recorded and are available for you to listen to. There are literally hundred of hours of training available to you on our site.

We also provide you with a kick-off Strategy Session with our Strategy Planner to help you get clear on your marketing plan and make sure that your mailing campaigns and budget are in sync with your buying goals. You will have this first strategy session upon starting with REIvault. Then, we recommend another strategy session about 30-45 days after your first mailing goes out so that you and the Strategy Planner can analyze the ROI and if any adjustments need to be made. After that, we recommend another strategy session in 90 days.

All this training and guidance are designed to help you get the most out of your mailing campaigns, systems and training.


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