My mailing has gone out and I'm getting leads, now what?

It would be best to call the hangups immediately when they come in. They should be receiving a text message automatically, as you'll see in the Activity / Comments and there is a training video on this. Go to Getting started > REIvault Podio CRM Part 3.

We recommend you let the leads get processed by the VAs before you start working them. As a new REIvault member, it's common to want to jump on the leads, however, we have found that it is fine to call them back a few hours or a few days later. Time is not of the essence for the viable leads. The viable leads are those the VA marks as "Ready to Make Offer" or "Call for More Information." The leads come in as "New Leads" (Status) and will have the status changed once they have been processed. We'd suggest you let the VAs do their work on them to pull comparables, update the property address, pull pictures via Google Street View, and pull Zillow values.

If you want to jump on them prematurely, at least for now, just note that once a status is changed, the VAs do not automatically work them. If you jump on these leads and then want the VAs to do additional processing, you'll want to create the task in Podio for that lead and assign the task to "VA - Lead Processor." 


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