How do I order my monthly REIvault Deal Dashboard?

The Deal Dashboard is included as an REIvault member. The 2 biggest levers to impact your real estate investing business are SALES and MARKETING and not having metrics and KPIs on these 2 critical areas of your business at all times is like driving a car blind. The Deal Dashboard was built based on feedback and suggestions from other REIvault members who have contributed to give us a massive leg up over our competition. It's simply a click of a button to order your Monthly Deal Dashboard report. Here's a simple training video:

If you do not see your Deal Dashboard Podio application, please email and request to add the Deal Dashboard to your account. Included in your REIvault membership, you are entitled to request a deal dashboard each month. Should you want to order additional deal dashboards, they can be added as an add-on request through the change request link.


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