How can I add additional users in Podio CRM?

We can easily add more members of your staff/team to your Podio workspace. Simply process a change request in "The Vault". Provide the names, email addresses, and specific roles in your business and we will add them for you. Additionally, if you want any of these members to receive emails and tasks for new "Viable" Seller Leads, let us know. For instance, if your member is a new Sales or Lead Processor, let us know so that we can change the routing rules for you. 

Here's a brief video:


PLEASE NOTE: Each REIvault Member receives 2 FREE Podio Users with active membership.  "Suspended", "System Only" and "Apprentice Program" members receive 1 FREE REIvault Podio User with Membership.   Each additional REIvault Podio User will be automatically charged to you for $19 per month.    This is required by our master licensing agreement with Podio (Citrix) as a "vertical solution provider."  To learn more about this visit:

If you are ready to Add New Users, you can visit "The Vault" and issue a Change Request or you can simply Click Here and go there now!


Step 1   

Step 2   

Step 3   



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