How exactly does the system Text Message hangups? Can I use the system to Text Message Sellers?

As part of the "No Seller Left Behind" system, REIvault built a text messaging capability for you. All leads in Podio Seller Leads application where the call duration is less than 20 seconds will automatically receive the following text message: "Hi, I missed a call from you. What is the address of the property you would like to sell?"

We have found a high percentage of deals come from hangups and from text messaging sellers. Don't underestimate the value of a hangup and the importance of both calling the hangups, text messaging the hangups and following up on an ongoing basis with the hangups. Money is to be made here with a strong sales team or person which likely may be you.

We have found that approximately 60% of all inbound calls across the country are from cell phones. That means that 60% of the time, text messaging works. A seller who calls from your postcard marketing may likely get nervous or think they'll call back later and just hangup. The system text messages these automatically. We capture the "Caller ID" of all inbound calls automatically and this is stored in the Podio field "VM Caller ID" You can simply call this number back.

Additionally, you can send another text message anytime you'd like by simply typing ""SMS:"" and then your text message in the "Activity" field in Podio on the right hand side of your screen when you're on the seller lead record. If you speak with the seller on the phone and get a cell phone number from them, you certainly can update this field ""VM Caller ID"" so that you can use the system to text message these sellers in the future. If a seller responds to your text message, that will automatically be received into Podio for this specific Seller record and you'll immediately receive both a Task and an email letting you know a response from the seller came back. Jump on these. It works and makes money!


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