Can I get access to Globiflow for Podio?

Unfortunately, we do not have a multi-user license or are a reseller for Globiflow. We'd love to accommodate you on this request, however it's not something possible today. If you're interested in Globiflow, I'd suggest you signup for the Premium version of Podio with 5 users ($120 a month) which includes Globiflow. They changed their pricing model a few months ago. I wish I had a better answer for you on this. Unfortunately, our hands are tied on this one.

You can certainly create your own Podio Organization, Workspaces and Applications with your own Podio subscription.  We're recommend their "Premium Plan". 

Additionally, you can request REIvault Professional Services to scope out a project and provide you a customization quote to do any custom work for you.  We have both internal and external 3rd party experts who do this for us and our members all the time.  Hourly rates typically are $75 to $200 per hour, depending upon your needs and requirements.

Simply send an email to Support@REIvault or visit our "Charge Request" system on "The Vault"


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