What is the cost of the mail?

As a member of REIvault, we guarantee the lowest cost mail. If we can't do it for less, then we'll use your mail house. We can do this because of our sheer volume as a group and our negotiating power. We're stronger as a group so that we can provide all of us consistent Deal Flow FASTER, CHEAPER, BETTER. For instance, we can mail postcards (print, postage, delivery) for a little as $.39 to $.42 each, and possibly less depending upon your volumes and monthly marketing budget. We have negotiated a lower cost when your monthly marketing budget is $5K per month or greater. And, when we mail, that cost does include the phone numbers we purchase for your marketing campaign to track metrics, along with the voice minutes used, the processing, and the VAs who transcribe the voice mails. CallRail, as an example, charges $.40 per transcribed phone call. With REIvault, this is all included. The postcard, letters, offers, etc. are priced depending upon the mailing list. If you provide the mailing list, there is no extra charge. We typically see a 10-20% or more savings as an REIvault member which can more than save you the cost of membership. We're stronger as a group. Our recommendation is to not be as concerned with the cost per mail piece as much as the average cost per deal and your average profit per deal. If you sent 10 postcards vs. 2,000 to get one deal at the same overall cost, does it really matter what the cost of each piece is? We can discuss this with you during our Interview call. The question is to decide if you're committed to direct mail and willing to have experts other than you do the marketing so you can work your business and focus on the money making activities.

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