What minimum monthly marketing budget do you recommend? How much should I realistically budget per profitable deal?

This will vary from market to market and our team will discuss this with you during the final interview and your initial strategy session. Marketing is a return on investment and without leads there are no profits. We typically recommend a minimum of $1,500 per month marketing budget to start with. In hotter areas where the average profits per deal are $15,000 to $50,000+ we recommend you have a $2,500+ budget. We do not try to profit from your marketing as we guarantee the lowest mail price. If we can't do it for less, we'll use your mail house. We see that as a conflict of interest and we have members who mail $15,000+ per month. We recommend you commit to a strong monthly marketing budget for the first several months and once you're making profits, you increase your budget. It's really about your average profit per deal, your average cost per deal and the number of deals you want to close. Once you implement the "No Seller Left Behind" follow up system, your cost per deal should go down. Remember, most of the deals and profits will come from follow up that is almost impossible without a system and staff like the one you get with REIvault membership.

To help you to more efficiently forecast your costs, our Strategy Planner will help you establish your initial and ongoing marketing budget, determine the best campaigns in your market, and help estimate the number of leads, deals, profits, follow ups, conversion rates, etc. Additionally, we have ongoing Account Reviews with our members to ensure you're building a growing and thriving successful business.


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