What is a Mail Series?

A "Mail Series" is a predefined and specific set of mail pieces used in a REIvault Direct Mail Campaign sent out to a specific mailing list with a scheduled frequency between the mailings. For instance, the REIvault "Shock & Awe" Mail Series is a specific set of 5 different postcards (alternating yellow and white) with differing copy on the postcards written for "Direct Response." REIvault has multiple "Mail Series" for specific mailing lists. REIvault tracks local and national performance metrics of it's Campaigns and Mail Series (combination of postcards and letters) and in continuous Research and Development of new methods to improve performance and conversion. Due to the nature of our tracking methods, we do not allow changing of the standard REIvault Campaigns or Mail Series or mailing lists. The REIvault "shared team," however, can setup Custom Campaigns that can include any combination of custom mail pieces, mail series or mailing lists. Each Custom Campaign will always receive a dedicated 800/888 or local number from REIvault required for tracking and automation with your REIvault Podio CRM and system.


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