How long does a campaign last?

As long as you want and our recommendation is forever as long as it's producing good fruits (e.g. profitable deals). A marketing campaign is made up of a specific mailing list, a series of mail pieces (postcards and/or letters or other and should also be a combination of text messages and follow up calls from you or someone on your team). The campaign is a specific number of mail pieces over a period of time and based on a frequency between the mailings. For instance, we may mail 5 different postcards at a 60 day frequency. To make it even more interesting, we would then break up the mailings so we're sending an equal amount per week for a consistent deal flow. This is where we shine and it's almost impossible doing this yourself. Additionally, when we near the end of the campaign, we simply pull a new list or enhanced list and then keep it going again. It's an art and a science and that's the value of working with an expert "shared" team who does all of this for us. We are constantly changing the configuration of our campaigns as each market is different and the market is constantly changing.


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