How do I prescreen my leads? Can you do that for me?

Firstly, we either setup a proven time tested pre-recorded message built to get the seller to leave a voice mail message with the details of their property or a Live Operator (PATLive) or your own phone team. Our VAs will process these leads, however, they will not call them back. The VA will transcribe the voice mail message for you. They will find the full property address, pull pictures using Google Street View, pull Zillow Purchase and Rental Values, and Zillow URL links. The VAs will identify if this lead is a viable lead or someone who says they're not interested or want to be removed from future mailings. All this is done for you. Viable leads will be emailed to you along with a Task to call them. All the tedious grunt work is Done-For-You. For some of our campaigns, we recommend a Live operator or member of your team answer the calls. In this case, we will likely recommend and we can set that all up for you and have PATLive bill you directly ($80 per month for up to 50 live calls and 250 total calls).

In addition, if you need a good local "on shore" phone VA to call all your leads back, pre-screen and qualify, setup appointments, call your hangups, etc, you can get access to that directly through REIvault. We have teamed up with a partner who can do this for you for $20 per hour with as little as 5 hours per week (imagine having someone call and work your leads for $100 a week). As a new REIvault member, if you are interested in doing this, it is our "Best Practice" to do this after you have been a member for 60 to 90 days and have first worked the system and the seller leads.


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