Where do I get the mailing lists for these campaigns?

As an REIvault member, we can get mailing lists for you. We have standard campaigns and we also offer the option for you to create custom mailing lists and/or campaigns. The data originates at a combination of the county recorder, county assessor, courthouse, HUD, and other sources at the county, state and national level. We use multiple large and smaller niche data providers and then use our own proprietary systems to mine the data. This allows us to get a better quality list. We also can purchase or recommend other niche lists and get those for you. In addition, you can provide us your own custom list and we can mail that for you using our "shared" team.

We will discuss this during our New Member Welcome Call and/or Initial Strategy Session. We will provide you the details in your Sales and Marketing Plan that we always email to you for your review and approval. The cost of the list is included in the total cost of the mailing. In the event you have your own mailing list, you can simply provide that to our Member Services team along with any details (type of list, etc.) and our team will clean up the list and prepare it for mailing.


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