What is the difference between a "Dead", "Not Interested", and "Remove from List" lead status?

The following should help you better understand the difference between "Dead", "Not Interested" and "Remove From List" Status:

DEAD - This is a lead that is not a deal. Remember that this should only be used after you've exhausted your efforts including considering sending this lead a "1 Click Offer package" or putting them on a follow up campaign. Examples of a "Dead" lead would be a Seller who calls and states they do not own a property or they have recently sold their property. Some of these leads have turned into Deals (e.g. seller who's buyer fell through a month later). Remember, "No Seller Left Behind." Make sure to determine if this is truly a "Dead" no opportunity ever lead or someone that should be added to the "Follow Up Nurture Letter" Campaign and possibly a ""Follow Up"" call in a month or two. Circumstances always change and big profits are made from follow up.

NOT INTERESTED - This is a lead that calls and states that they are NOT interested in selling their property. By default, they will continue to receive direct mail. In the event you want to remove these people from future mailings, you can simply click the "Remove from STL Mailings" in the Direct Mail field. As a "Best Practice," however, we recommend you continue to mail these sellers. We have found that circumstances change over time, and Not Interested seller leads turn into deals with continued follow up over time. Remember: "No Seller Left Behind"

REMOVE FROM LIST - This status is only used for leads that are angry or those who specifically request to be removed from your mailings.

To better understand the different lead statuses and when to use them, please review the following links:




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