Is it really true that REIVault is less expensive for sending mail than me doing it on my own?


Yes, you couldn't do it for less even if you calculate your own time at $4 per hour. Better yet, we guarantee it! If you can do everything we can, including the list of names and address records, then we’ll use your data provider and mailhouse for you.

There are many hidden costs that most people forget to budget, such as list quality, removing duplicates, checking deliverability and address changes against five U.S.P.S. databases; the paper, printing, phone
numbers and minutes for tracking response rates and internal systems. Plus, the countless hours transcribing messages, pulling comparables and pictures, and doing the grunt work that our VAs do for each lead that comes in.

Given our volume as a group and our negotiations for best rates, you’ll have it all Done-For-You at a lower cost. The savings alone could more than pay for the costs of the monthly membership fees over and over again. 

Here is a link to our mail pricing:


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