Do you include any free mailings in the monthly membership fee?

No. We tried this in the past, but it didn't make any sense and our existing members said to remove this concept. Every one of our members is different and requires personal service and our expertise. You only get charged for marketing the day it actually gets delivered.

Once you are approved and signed up as a member of REIvault, you'll complete a FastTrack Questionnaire where you'll provide your monthly marketing budget and preferred zip codes. Our team will do the research and provide you a detailed Sales and Marketing Plan for you to approve on exactly what and how we will market for you. Our team can discuss this with you during the interview before you sign up. You can always increase or decrease your monthly marketing budget.

Keep in mind, we do give you a $1000.00 mailing credit for anyone that you recommend to REIvault that becomes a member and sends out their first mailing campaign.


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