What are the additional costs required in addition to the start up / monthly fee?

Once you sign up, you will provide us your Monthly Marketing Budget, which can vary and change as needed per your request. To provide a consistent flow of leads, we break up the marketing so that you have consistent weekly/biweekly mail drops and you're only charged as the marketing goes out and you'll be notified via email of any charges. You'll need a phone and a computer. We also strongly recommend you have a comparable service, like Realquest or access to the MLS. Our VAs will pull property profiles and comparables on all your good viable leads where we have a property address. We'll automatically always pull the Zillow Purchase and Rental Values with the Zillow URLs, however, this is never the best replacement for Realquest, the MLS or a comparable service for pulling comparables.

Each REIvault member received 1 FREE REIvault Podio User.  REIvault has negotiated a group discount for additional REIvault Podio Users and charges REIvault (, LLC) directly.  Please visit our Podio Pricing Page for more details:

REIvault offers a number of additional Add-Ons, mentoring, and performance based coaching, depending upon the needs of each member.  Contact our Success Team for more details.


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