I receive a lot of hangups from postcards and letters.

It is common to receive approximately 50% - 60% hangups from direct mail marketing. Depending upon the specific direct mail campaign, potential sellers may get nervous or decide they will call back later. Across the country, we see an average of 40% - 50% of all callers leaving voice messages. As a "Best Practice", we recommend always calling the hangups back first, preferrably within 15 minutes for best results and profits.

The REIvault Podio system will automatically send a text message to any hangup where the voice message or caller was on for less than 20 seconds. It is common that 20% of all hangups convert into deals if you're calling them back quickly (recommended: within 15 minutes). You can also text message the sellers right in Podio using the Activity field and put "SMS:" at the beginning before you type your message. This has worked extremely well for many of our members. Watch this video to learn more:


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