The State Attorney General's office left a voice message concerning the legality of the postcard that one of my leads received recently.

I would certainly take any message from the Attorney General's office or public office seriously with concern, sensitivity and urgency. Although we cannot provide legal or accounting advice, we certainly recommend that you contact your local attorney just to make sure everything you're doing is following the local, state and federal law and statutes. It's always best to have a local attorney reviewing your practices and advising you within your state.

With that said, if it were me, I'd first look up the phone number and name provided in the voice message and just verify if it's really the state Attorney General and not a realtor or angry property owner giving you a bad time. Usually from my experience, the Attorney General would contact you via a letter. We've heard from a handful of people over the years who have been contacted by the state Attorney General or BBB, etc. that they are sent complaints typically via a letter.

I assume you have a business in good standing in your state (an LLC, Corporation, etc.). It is always good to provide that information in writing. If it were me, and the phone number verified that it is truly from the state Attorney General, I would call them back or have my attorney call them back. I'd ask if there was a material defect in the marketing piece and any specific statutes that were not followed and if they could provide that via written format in the USPS to you. Make sure you're super friendly and professional as these public departments and agencies have a duty to follow up on all complaints received. That would allow you to address any issues. There are a lot of scam artists out there and the state Attorney General is always addressing crimes and potential fraud and will follow up on any type of complaint they receive.

It's best to get whatever the issue is in writing. You're always best working with a local attorney to make sure you are following state and local laws. If you receive something in the mail, it's important to address those issues in writing within 10 days. A copy of your business license and the "Certificate of Good Standing" from the Secretary of State should suffice in providing more detail that you are buying real estate properties and have a business in good standing with the state. To my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with the marketing materials. Again, it is always best to consult your local attorney.

SAMPLE LETTER RESPONSE to  a public agency:


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