Can I Purchase More Phone Numbers or Use My Own Phone Numbers?

Yes, you can purchase an additional packages of 10 phone numbers for $129/month by going to the Change Request home page in the Vault and selecting Add On Product/Service to complete your request for the Support Team, or send a request directly to 

As a best practice, we recommend keeping phone numbers for at least 12 months after mailing because leads can still come in from people who keep the mailers .  These type of leads that come in long after mailings are typically very good.


You can also use your own phone numbers.  Members with their own phone systems can forward the incoming leads or call notifications into REIvault Podio via email.   Secure the required REIvault email address by sending a request to IMPORTANT NOTE:  if you choose to use your own phone numbers, we will not be able to capture accurate metrics tracking on your Sales & Marketing dashboard(s).  


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