How many Podio Users do I get with REIvault Membership

Per the terms of our agreement with Podio (Citrix), each Active REIvault Member receives 2 FREE REIvault Podio User with Membership, beginning with the March 2018 billing cycle.  "Suspended", "System Only" and "Apprentice Program" members receive 1 FREE REIvault Podio User with Membership.  

REIvault automatically charges $19 per Podio User per Month in addition to your 1 or 2 FREE REIvault Podio User Licenses. REIvault Support with users ending with "" or "" are not charged.  In the event you have multiple REIvault Workspaces in the "REIvault" Podio Organization, you are only charged once for the unique Podio User.

NOTE: REIvault Podio User is defined as a specific email address "Invited" to your Podio Workspace in the "REIvault" Podio Organization at Any Time during a calendar month. This could be by request sending an email to or someone with "Regular" or "Workspace admin" Podio access in your Podio Workspace.

Here's a video with a little more detail:


There are no exceptions or refunds.  This is a Podio policy.  REIvault has been able to negotiate a group discount from their normal $24 per month per user (subject to change).

Visit our Podio Pricing Page for more details at:

NOTE:   If you need to remove any old or inactive users, please submit a Change Request via the Vault to have them removed. 



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